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And if you’re just getting started on vegetarian/veganism, some background:

When THE GRADUAL VEGETARIAN first appeared in 1985, most Americans ate meat. Some ate meat three times a day. The Surgeon General had just published the news that this was NOT a good idea … in a report full of news about cholesterol, cardiovascular health, and degenerative diseases …

About the same time, studies were showing that vegetarian populations all over the world had a significantly LOWER incidence of these diseases than did inhabitants of the wealthiest country in the world.

In 1985, most restaurants didn’t offer vegetarian entrees. Health food stores only existed in select communities. A lot of people weren’t even sure exactly what a vegetarian WAS.

Fast forward 30-some years. Today we have Whole Foods, food co-ops, year-round farmers markets even in the biggest cities, and the locavore movement. There’s never been a better time to adopt a healthy diet.

A vegetarian – or partially vegetarian – diet. A gradually vegetarian diet.

And in those 30-some years, no book has come along that has the stature of THE GRADUAL VEGETARIAN.  The original is still cited widely as the classic guide to going veggie.

A new publication, THE GRADUAL VEGAN is in the works. Stay tuned to find out what’s so hot about veganism right now,  and we’ll let you know when THE GRADUAL VEGAN will be available for consumption!

Meanwhile, browse and enjoy recipes and tips on the OFFICIAL GRADUAL VEGETARIAN website. That’s this website, courtesy of author Lisa Tracy.

For more news on what Lisa’s been doing for the past three decades, check out Lisa Tracy Authoror Objects of Our Affection.

And yes, it’s still a good idea to be a vegetarian - and for many, to be a vegan. The landmark three-stage “GRADUAL“ system still works best for busy folks, families, “mixed” dinner tables, and your health. Here’s to it!



book cover,lisa tracy

The Gradual Vegetarian was first published in 1985 by small independent New York publisher M. Evans.

The book was soon sold to Dell, which brought out the trade paperback in 1986. Meanwhile, the British rights were sold, and by 1986 a hardback was circulating in Great Britain and Australia.

Paperback editions then appeared in Sweden (Vegetarian Steg for Steg) and Italy (Il Vegetariano Graduale).

The book was in print in the United States for 12 years, a notable run, and is considered a classic.